Smoke Season: RECAP

September 21 @ Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY


Interview & Photographs by: Samantha Toy

Hi guys! How are you doing today?

We are swell, thanks.

You current single is “Good Days” and you have a music video for it, which followers can watch via YouTube. What was your favorite part of filming the video? 

We shot nearly the whole thing on an 8mm film camera point and shoot which was rad.  The video was pretty much us chilling with our pals on the beach and at the amusement park and we ended up capturing all these moments of emotional magic we weren’t expecting.  Oh, and the fact that we didn’t drown during the ocean shots was pretty awesome too.

All of your music videos released on YouTube have a different point of view and meaning. How do you come up with the creation process of the videos? 

We sort of let the song’s emotional impact speak for itself through visuals.  It’s a really organic thought process.

Do you come in contact with a director of your plans on these videos or do you work together?

We definitely work together.  All our videos are full of extreme collaboration.

Aside from videos, you’re going on a co-headline tour this month with Armors! Is there a particular show you’re excited to play?

Honestly, all of them ☺ We are REALLY excited about getting back to San Francisco.  We are also stoked to play for our fam and friends back in NYC on 9/21.

What can we expect from your shows on this fall run? 

An entire set list of brand new music.  Seriously.  We spent the last year in an incubation chamber of writing and have an entire full length to show for it.  We’re road testing the new material on this tour.

You have been to San Francisco, CA many times over the years. What’s your favorite part of coming here? Do you have enough time to explore the city? If so, where is your first destination you like to visit?

We love the Bay ☺ Our favorite part about being in the city is getting to stop by the Dave Smith Instruments warehouse and see the team that works there.  Gabrielle plays a Prophet 6 and we’re super lucky to be endorsed by a company that handcrafts their synths.

A couple of years ago, you released “Opaque” which is off the Hot Coals Cold Souls EP and it has almost 5 million streams on Spotify. When it first hit 1 million, did you celebrate the popularity? If so, did you throw a party?

Our jaws dropped and we drank a bit too much champagne.  We’re so grateful for all the support the team at Spotify has given us.

Can you tell us any plans you have for the rest of this year or for 2018?

Get that new music into your ears.

Thanks for chatting with us!


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