Glass Animals

Amber Mark, and Glass Animals @ WAMU Theater in Seattle, WA

Review & Photography by: Aili Hauptmann

Glass Animals is one of the most dynamic and entertaining shows to watch. With their catchy yet mellow songs, everyone in the crowd was dancing along. From the first to the last song the crowd was dancing and singing along, knowing all the words by heart. While there was a large seated area in the back of the venue, almost all of the crowd at Glass Animals was up and dancing.

Perhaps one of the most notable parts of Glass Animals’ set was their backdrop which consisted of a pineapple disco ball, and two florescent light up letters which were G and A for Glass Animals. The backdrop changed constantly in sync with each song and the movements of each band member. Not only did lead singer Dave engage the crowd but so did other members of the band as they walked up and down the front of the stage occasionally causing the crowd to go wild. What made me smile the most through the show however, had to have been the huge smiles on the band’s faced the entire show as they watched the crowd excitedly dance and sing along to each song.

Seattle was only the start of Glass Animals tour, make sure to check them out at the other dates they have planned around the US! You can find their tour dates at:

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