Dig Deeper

We spoke with Norway’s psychedelics Dig Deeper about their upcoming album, In Central European Time that will release on October 7, 2017 via Alien Agency. Make sure to check out the interview below, and purchase the band’s album next month!


Hey guys! How are you doing today?

Hey! Still a bit blue from the election results in Norway. There will be another 4 years of a right wing government.

You’re a four piece from Oslo and Bergen, Norway. How do you all join together to
create music? Do you do it through the Internet, or do you travel the six hours to each other?

Good question. We do not do it online, that’s for sure. We rehearse together as a band,
but Raymond (drums) or Einar (vocals) normally record a melody or an idea of a song
and we hook up for 3-4 day sessions (usually in rainy Bergen) and work out the songs.
More often than not they turn out to be far away from the original ideas. After 5-6 of
these sessions we had enough material to go into studio and start recording. This time
the result was an EP and an album. After the process of recording live we don’t really
rehearse that much besides freshening up on some old tunes before shows.

You’re going to be releasing your album, “In Central European Time” on October 7 via Alien Agency. What can you tell us about this album?

In CET is an album following a fictional character drifting paperlessly through Europe
in search of something better. A brown wind is blowing across Europe where
egocentrism, protectionism, narrow mindedness rule. The album is a comment on how
many European countries (Norway included) have failed to separate political perspectives and arguments from humanitarian.

If you could describe this album in five words, what would they be?

Dreamy. Roady. Narrative. Depressed. Psychedelic.

How would you describe your music to first time listeners? Would you suggest any similar artists?

Yeah, sure. We listen a lot to what we think is similar stuff connecting the alt-country
vibe with the paisley underground and more classic psychedelic thing. David Crosby is
major inspiration, as well as Richmond Fontaine. Combine these two with the groove of
bands as War on Drugs, Dire Straits, Spids Nøgenhat, Rain Parade or Wooden Shjips and you’re getting close.

Will you be touring in honor of your new album?

For sure, we are starting touring already on the 22. of September and we’ll continue
touring Norway until late October. In November Øystein´s (guitar) band Electric Eye are
releasing their new album, so Dig Deeper will be touring again in The Netherlands in January. Hard to say when or where we will be in 2018 but we’ll try to tour with this
album as much as possible. Hopefully there will be a UK leg too. Can’t wait!

Do you have last words for your fans or new followers?

Try to catch the mushroom season around where you live. We’ve had a great year with
the right rainfall for porcini and chanterelle this year in Norway. Spend some time in the forest and listen to good music.

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