R5: New Addictions Tour

R5 @ KoKo in London, England

Review & Photography by: Jessica Piochon

On September 22nd, R5 ended the UK part  of their New Addictions tour at Koko, in London. After seeing them a few times over the past 4 years, having the opportunity to photograph them was really special.

During the whole night, the band alternates perfectly between fun, energetic songs and more emotional, acoustic ones. We got some intimate moments with only Ross on guitar, and others with Riker or Rocky on piano. They played songs from their new EP, but also some older ones and the fans were always singing along.

Rydel also had her moment, with her song Lightning Strikes, in front of a very receptive crowd.

We can really tell they’re all having a lot of fun on stage. They’re also really grateful for the support they get, and never a miss moment to tell their fans (called the R5Family) how much they mean to them.

The band is now starting the Europe leg of the tour, with a show in Paris on the 24th. Tickets are available at the link below: https://r5rocks.com/


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