Bare Teeth: Behind the Wall

Bare Teeth is a Punk Rock band from Lille, France, composed of Greg (guitar – vocals), Titouan (guitar – backing vocals), Jérôme (drums) and Tom (bass – backing vocals).

After a demo sold to more than 250 copies, the band has released its new EP ‘First the Town, Then the World‘ which was released May 19th 2017. Now, the band has released a music video for their single, “Behind The Wall”.

You can view the video below, and make sure to check out our second interview with them as well!


Hey guys! How have you all been recently?

Hey. We’re fine. Thank you ! 😉

The last time we spoke with you all was back in June, and you just released the First the Town, Then the World EP. What has happened over these past few months?

We’ve been pretty busy : we toured in the UK, did a bunch of shows in France and Belgium, and we have an upcoming tour in Italy, as well as some French and Belgian shows, including Funtime Festival. Summer is usually quiet, but we manage to work on several new songs and make another music video.

You have released a music video for your acoustic single, Behind the Wall. What made you decide to release an acoustic video in replace of a music video?

We don’t like to do the same things that punk/rock bands usually do. “Behind the Wall” is the very first video we recorded for “First The Town, Then The World“. As the acoustic version was added as a bonus track, we thought it could be fun to release a music video for this version.

As you’re all from Lille, France. Did you grow up with bigger musicians playing in your area or would make the two hour way to Paris?

In fact, I am the only one who grew up in the Lille area (Greg). I’ve started going to shows when I was 17 and I’m now 36. As far as I can remember, I haven’t been much to Paris to see some shows. Belgium is way closer from home and they have quality shows there. I’ve also started booking shows when I was 20. The second show I did was Leftover Crack … the show was in a very small venue, fully packed and it was insane !!!

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

We have another music video to be released on October 13th, some good shows (Funtime Festival), a 4-gig tour in Italy, and a lot of things to plan for 2018. Maybe a Japan tour if we can put things together and avoid losing a lot of money, haha !

Thanks again for chatting with us! 

No, thank YOU !!!

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