Metro Station

Avion Roe, Assuming We Survive, and Metro Station @ Hutchins Square in Lodi, CA

Review & Photography by: Samantha Toy

Last week, Metro Station brought their ten year anniversary tour in honor of their self-titled album to Lodi, California with Avion Roe, and Assuming We Survive. First up onstage was Avion Roe hailing from Dallas, Texas who performed about six songs from their previous two records, and then  Assuming We Survive from Inland Empire, CA. Both bands brought fans off their seats to jump with them preparing everyone to see Metro Station play some hit songs that has been released for ten years now.

Overall, all three bands brought the small city of Lodi, CA to have a wild night them as they ended their last California date on this tour. If you know the hit songs, Kelsey, Control, California and Shake It by Metro Station, you need to see the band sing it live as they celebrate it for ten years. Tickets are available here:

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