Matchbox Twenty

Rivers and Rust, Counting Crows, & Matchbox Twenty @ DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston, MI

Review & Photography by: Emily Veillette

The opener for this double headliner show was Rivers and Rust, a duo comprised of Kyle Cook and Sheila Marshall. Fans of Matchbox Twenty were in for a surprise since Cook is also the original lead guitarist in the band. The music was a mix of country and rock with Marshall’s Texas accent on vocals and Cook’s rock styled guitar riffs.

Next was Counting Crows, the first headliner of the Brief History of Everything Tour. Their set list was just that. Counting Crows played songs from all of their albums. They began with a song called Round Here from their 1993 debut album. Counting crows rocked hard during the whole set. The vocalist, Adam Duritz, passionately sang every word as if he was telling a story. All of the band members had me entertained because of their energetic playing. The crowd filled the amphitheater and sang loudly. It seemed many people really connected to the lyrics. All in all, Counting Crows put on a fantastic show that anyone could highly enjoy.

Last was Matchbox Twenty to give another brief history which included songs from all of their albums. Their 3rd album, More Than You Think You Are, was the most dominant album throughout the set. Hits from their 3rd album include Bright Lights and Unwell, but I recommend the entire album. Going back to their 1996 album, Matchbox Twenty played big hits including 3am and Push. Twenty-one years after their debut album was released, four of the original band members and a special guest rocked like it was their first big show. I did not understand how vocalist Rob Thomas kept his breath while singing because he never stopped jumping and dancing. Rob Thomas has amazing stage presence. He puts his whole body into every word and uses hand gestures to act out the lyrics. The other original members which include guitarist Kyle Cook, bassist Brian Yale, and drummer/guitarist Paul Doucette also appeared to have an infinite amount of energy while they danced around. Since Matchbox Twenty was my first favorite band I was expecting a great show, but everyone in attendance received an outstanding show.

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