Grace Valerie

Grace Valerie, the chart topping international dance pop sensation and acclaimed songwriter successfully released her new music video for her latest single “See How We Run”. This is Grace’s seventh independent single being released, and it is produced alongside Brandon Hall Paddock. Make sure to check out her latest music video here!

What song are you most proud of?

I am proud of all my songs because I pith heart and soul into writing and recording them. The most is my newest songs: “See How We Run” and unreleased tracks.  

For your music video, See How We Run, what was your favorite part of filming? 

My fav part was having my close friend Oskar Rodriquez as my co star. We had so much fun on set even tho it was freezing in the desert.

What is the meaning behind See How We Run?

Being fearless when it comes to your relationship and life! Being bald and spontaneous. This song is about not forgetting that we live once and you gotta take it all from life. There won’t be another chance.

For people who do not know you, what artist do you consider similar to you?

Every artist is unique in my opinion. My music has some similarities with Britney and Lady Gaga to make few.

 If you could collaborate with any musician, who would it be and why?

Beyonce because she is the BEST!

Are there any artist(s) you look up to?

Beyonce lol Mariah Carey; Lady gaga is such a hard worker. So many talented artists!  

Do you have a favorite show you performed at?

My fav was The Abbey in West Hollywood. Just because the crowd is always fun and ready to sing and dance.

Do you have any plans for a tour?

Absolutely. I am currently writing and working on my EP. Shortly after that I’ll be traveling to different cities in US to see my fans and make new 🙂

What was it like having your music being featured on Sirius XM and Billboard?

Dream come true! Being acknowledged on the radio and charts in USA means the world to me or any international artist.

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