Kendall Lake

Los Angeles native, sultry rock singer Kendall Lake is no stranger to the entertainment industry. At a very young age, Kendallgot her start by being cast in music videos with Rock and Roll legends such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Fleetwood Mac. Since her breakout into the scene, Kendall Lake has toured multiple countries and can be seen performing regularly at some of L.A.’s most legendary hotspots like The Viper Room, and The Troubadour. She has also appeared on HBO’s “TrueBlood” and her music has been featured in various TV shows and films. Whether it’s on stage or in the studio, Kendall Lake continues to prove she is a force to be reckoned with and looks forward to a fast paced 2017.

Hi Kendall! How are you doing today?

Hi guys, I’m so happy to chat with you. Thank you so much for helping me share my story so people get to know more about lil ole’ me.

You have a single, “Hero” featuring J. Rae. How has the reaction been to it?

I’m honestly shocked sometimes that anyone actually listens to my music let alone have a reaction to it. So that’s good enough for me. I mean I hope people like it because I love it and having J. Rae on it has been amazing because having a fellow independent artist who I respect and believe in, believe in me is such a huge confirmation that I’m on the right path and doing what I should be doing in my life.

 You also filmed a music video for “Hero” which fans can watch via YouTube. What was your favorite part about filming the video?

I’m not sure if a lot of people have watched the music video to “Hero” (shame on them) but that was shot in 6 hours in downtown LA with like 20 people. The director, Wesley Quinn,  shot/casted/produced/edited and basically orchestrated the whole thing is so talented. He made my song really come to life visually. I’m so proud of it! My favorite part was when I got to play with my band! We were literally playing The whole time. I think we even wrote a song between takes. Performing is everything to me. If it’s on set or a bar with 20 people or headlining The House of Blues. Give me a mic and my band… that’s all I need. Maybe a shot or two of tequila but you get the point

 If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be, and why?

I have a long long list of artists I would love to collaborate and work with. Trent Reznor, The Foo Fighters, Hey Violet, 6lack, Linda Perry, Halsey, Linkin Park, Machine Gun Kelly, Limp Bizkit. The list goes on and on. All these artists inspire me and excite me or influence me in one way or the other so if there’s a magical way ya’ll can help make that happen I’ll forever love you forever!!!

 You’re also appeared on HBO’s True Blood. How do you have time for writing music, and also being an actress?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been involved in some amazing projects and have had great opportunities in my life and career that help me express myself and explore different parts of the entertainment industry. I’m born and raised in LA. Burbank to be exact (shout out to Burbank haha) and my parents are heavily involved in all things  pertaining to entertainment so I was almost trained at a young age to do what I do. You always find time to do what you love. Music is what I love. So no matter what I do in my life I will always put music first because that’s when I truly feel like myself.

 What can you tell us about your plans for rest of the year? Can we expect any music, or tours?

My latest song “S&X” is available everywhere and I’m working on the music video for that as well as other visuals. I only have a couple music videos out right now so that’s a huge focus for me right now. I also produce a concert party at Los Globos in Silver Lake called SKITZO, I’m planning to have another one by the end of the year, I’m beyond excited about it. I never stop creating and writing/recording and working towards performing live as much as possible. So touring is in the near further and I’m looking forward to it! You guys need to come to SKITZO and see what it’s like to be in the Kendall Lake world. It’s kind of magical.

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