You Me At Six

Columbus, Hellions, & You Me At Six @ Eatons Hill 22.09.17

Review by: Gabby Savva

Photography by: Dana Hope

I always get these silly ideas of how perfect a night will go when I get ready to leave my house, regardless of the situation and tonight I didn’t imagine having to walk into a venue resembling a drowned rat but yet here we are. Just my luck and it starts pouring rain as soon as I walk out of the carpark but with a banger of a lineup ahead I can’t help but feeling, “so blessed. so moved. so grateful. can’t believe this is my life. Never going to take it for granted. Always going to give back. Thank you”. Despite the fact that I am now soaked and getting a little frozen standing in line to get in, I sniff out the bar and make a beeline for it to crack open a nice, frosty cider just in time for the boys in Columbus to walk onto the stage. Look, if it was up to me I would make myself a nice hot cup of tea and pop up a bag of popcorn for the show that i’m about to witness tonight.

Now I’ve seen Columbus play a few times before and they have never, not once disappointed me with a show. Tonight is no different as the kick off their set having the crowd getting into it as soon as the first riff blesses my ears. While i’m here I would like to take this moment to shoutout to the goof standing a few people away from me who was shouting to her friends how much she loved Hellions and that this was Hellions best song. LIKE SERIOUSLY THEY INTRODUCED THEMSELVES AS COLUMBUS. Due to some awful stage setting up, poor old mate Dan Seymour (drummer) was stuck hidden in a corner but that was not stopping him from absolutely tearing up the kit and playing a tight af set. One of my favorite things about ever seeing a Columbus set though, and i’m sure all of you that have seen the boys play before can agree, is Alex Moses’ (vocals) massive grin lighting up the stage and Ben Paynter’s (bass) consistent and majestic hair whips. My happy little heart is fulfilled with this short but sweet set with bops including Replace Me, Say What You Want, and the newer release Next To Me, which was the first time I had ever heard it played live (hint: it’s just as good as it was on the album!). The performance was nothing short of amazing but I would like to thank the underage kid on the balcony throwing down by himself and having an all-round blast for stealing the show, you partied hard enough for us all kid!

Okay, so not being biased or anything because Hellions are one of the greatest things to come out of Australia but they are stealing the show with kicking off their set with their hit certified banger Thresher. Drawing so much energy into the room the boys bounce across stage using every inch and every corner. It is honestly impossible to stand still. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the Mexican fiesta vibe that’s happening with Lotus Eater, LIKE YES BOYS! SHOW US YA MOVES. Catch me shamelessly throwing my arms around like a whacky inflatable arm flailing tube man. I’m kind of disappointed that nobody in the crowd is going as crazy as that one kid on the balcony but that isn’t stopping the band from bringing every ounce of energy to the stage. Keeping it interesting they included older tunes Hellions and Nottingham which at this point has truly won me over. One thing I just wanted to point out though it the fashion sense that these guys bring, not only are they talented but they definitely set the bar for stage standard with overalls and dad caps. My personal favorite Nightliner Rhapsody was thrown in the mix and you betcha that I was going to take a quick dip in the Hellions pit for that one. I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was the cider hitting me or just the all round energy of the room but it was hard to stand still through the set. I would also like to thank Hellions for selling socks as merch and for being the first ever band that i’ve purchased merch from. I’ll wear these socks to the grave.

So, I guess most people were actually here to see You Me At Six tear up the stage judging by how quickly the room shoved in as they graced the stage. Trust me when I say this but 16 year old me was thriving for this, hoping, praying for them to play Safer To Hate Her and i’ll probably cry myself to sleep tonight if they don’t. When Spell It Out from their new album Night People began with those first few eerie chords, I had convinced myself that it was actually the theme to the movie 28 Weeks Later. My bad, but still an amazing way to open up the show. Bite My Tongue had the crowd beginning for more and Josh Franceschi (vocals) put on the pressure and encouraged a circle pit which had me struggle to get out of the way from becoming pulp. The crowd was obviously having the time of their lives tonight with people moving all around so I made the executive decision for one last cider. Coming back from the bar and i’m under the impression that a heap of people had suddenly had massive growth spurts but no, it’s just people being shoulder soldiers for the hit sad song No One Does It Better. One thing I will never understand at shows is people who don’t pay attention to set times. So, it’s 11:10, the band is scheduled to finish at 11:30 and the whole crowds erupting into the whole ‘encore! encore! encore!’ phase. YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES LEFT WHY ARE PEOPLE LEAVING. One of my pals even said to me as he left that he was sad that they didn’t play Underdog but the boys were still on stage playing… his bad because the next song to play was Underdog. Whoops, sorry buddy. Look, You Me At Six played an amazing set and I really can’t fault them except for this one issue that I will never drop but WHERE WAS SAFER TO HATE HER? Huh. Now I better go home and YouTube a live version of it while i’m still in the mood.


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