Third Eye Blind: London

Seafret & Third Eye Blind @ Roundhouse in London, England

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

On 27 Sep I had a chance to catch Third Eye Blind in London on their European tour. There were only two bands that night which is very unusual nevertheless I was excited for the show.

First up that night were Seafret, a British duo from Bridlington formed in 2015. When the band started the venue was still half empty which was surprising but half way through the set more people started coming in. The music was fairly soft and slow, there was not much movement on the stage and lighting wasn’t changing which made it a little bit repetitive after few songs.

When lights dimmed after break the crowd immediately started cheering, by then the venue was almost full.

The set was long, there were 8 songs from first Third Eye Blind self-titled album and few acoustic songs (and more) to which crowd was singing. The band was pretty energetic throughout the set and creating great atmosphere. Fans also had a chance to choose a song that will be played next, the song chosen was ” Deep inside of you” before which Stephan said “we will play till they kick us out”.

At some point during set the crowd started singing happy birthday song and throwing balloons! Someone also gave the vocalist a bouquet of flowers, which made this crowd one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Third Eye Blind still have one more date on this tour so make sure to like them on Facebook and get tickets!


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