Grayscale, Like Pacific, Seaway, & Life Lessons @ Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR

 Review & Photography by: Ian Enger

When the Rise or Die Trying 10 year anniversary tour (part 2) was announced, I knew I had to photograph it. I am not the biggest FYS fan, but some of the support bands, Grayscale, Like Pacific, and Seaway are some of my favorite bands.

 First band of the night was Life Lessons. I didn’t know a lot about the band, but they kicked off the show with a great start. Next was my favorite band of the night, Grayscale. Although they had just started making a name for themselves, the crowd already seemed to love the band. Like Pacific was next. Jordan Black is one of the best frontmen in this scene if you ask me. The band puts so much raw emotion into their set. Stay Pissed.

 Our head support act was next. Now with their third album released, Toronto five piece Seaway crushed it. Their new album, Vacation is riddled with great songs to sing your heart out to. Very positive. Band 5/5 was next. I have never seen so many bearded, sweaty men go absolutely crazy for four other bearded, sweaty men. With a whopping 19 songs, no one will be forgetting Four Year Strong anytime soon.


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