Together PANGEA

Daddy Issues, & Together PANGEA @ Sonia’s Nightclub in Boston, MA

Review & Photography by: Avery Kelly

The first band of the night, Daddy Issues, is an all-girl punk band from Nashville. The trio recently released their long-awaited album Deep Dreams in February, following their freshman album Can We Still Hang. Daddy Issue’s sound is a mix of garage punk and bubbly surf pop, each song being an ode to ex-boyfriends and the woes of adolescence and young adulthood.

Tall Juan followed Daddy Issues. His sound is a punk/rock/grunge mixed with Latin sounds coming from his Argentinian heritage. He started off solo, playing a few songs before bringing a member of the audience up to play the drums along side him. The teenager ended up stunning both the audience and Tall Juan, easily keeping up with the performer’s fast pace. Once he had been excused from the stage, Tall Juan brought up a few of his friends to finish off the set.

Together PANGEA started as a college band at CalArts. Like Daddy Issues, they recently released a new album called Bulls and Roosters, with their fall tour of the same name. The garage-punk band has been touring since early September, following the drop of Bulls and Roosters, and will continue to tour internationally through the end of 2017. As the members moved on and off of stage, setting up their equipment, you could feel the tension rising in the audience. The lights dimmed, the members stepped on, and the show immediately was brought to a heightened level of intensity. Through the show, together PANGEA brought a mix of old and new songs to the setlist. They started out with a few of their classic songs before going into tracks from their new album, Kenmore Ave and Better Find Out. PANGEA kept the audience enthralled through the show, with a large portion of the crowd knowing every lyric and screaming along to vocalist William Keegan. Their setlist followed this pattern, switching between old, classic PANGEA tracks and then highlighting the new, shiny songs. The finale of the show, with Too Drunk to Come, River, and Sick Shit, brought an entire new energy to the crowd. The pit got rowdier, lyrics were screamed louder; the end of the show was intense, brutal, and everything a PANGEA fan would want in a show.


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