Nothing More

Palisades, My Ticket Home, & Nothing More @ Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

Performing at the Baltimore Soundstage, the crowd was ready to watch all the amazing bands take the stage that night. Never hearing Palisades before, I didn’t know what to expect, but when they performed their set was really good. The crowd was really into the band as they waved their hands, and jumped to the beat of the music.

The next band to take the stage was My Ticket Home. They had a very interesting sound to their music, and everyone in the crowd enjoyed them.

Once My Ticket Home exited the stage, the crowd’s excitement grew as the crew members began setting up the stage for Nothing More. People began pushing towards the front to get closer and eager to see the last band. Soon the lights went out, the stage lights slowly came on and the crowd went wild. Nothing More started out their set with “Christ Copy”, and the crowd sung along. The singer was very energetic as the band itself gave off a great vibe. The stage set for Nothing More was very interesting, which they had this rack that allowed the guitarist to place his guitar on and continued to play. The guitarist even began to spin the guitar on the rack and the crowd went nuts. The performance overall was phenomenal –– all the bands were phenomenal that night. It is highly suggested to see a Nothing More concert at some point.

Check out all of these amazing bands on their pages!

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Nothing More //



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