Foster The People

Cherry Glazerr & Foster The People @ House of Blues in Houston, TX

Review & Photography by: Brenna Mata

Foster The People brought their Sacred Hearts Club Tour to Houston’s House of Blues on October 10th, 2017. The concert hall was packed (it was sold out too, I believe) and as soon as their Sacred Hearts backdrop lit up the stage, the crowd intensified. Frontman Mark Foster came out from a foggy smoke in a jet black leather jacket starting off with their song “Pay The Man”. Throughout the night, their performance was truly start studded and electrifying. The stage lights created a specific mood for each song played making the audience engaged for the whole set. And unlike some shows, majority of the crowd knew all the words to every song! Even their newest single from their new album called “Sit Next To Me”. I was shocked in the best way possible. I became a huge fan after seeing this tour, so I recommend to see Foster The People if you ever receive the opportunity!


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