Fortune Killers

Canadian alt pop-rock three-piece Fortune Killers have released the video for “Domino” from their debut LP Temper Temper that released on September 8, and they’re currently on tour. Read below our interview with the band, and make sure to see them live if they’re near you!
09.06 – Victoria, BC @ Centennial Square, Lunchtime Concerts
09.08 – Victoria, BC @ UVic, First Week Celebration
10.08 – Vancouver, BC @ Guilt & Co.
10.20 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Cavern
10.26 – Calgary, AB @ Palomino


Hiya! How are you all doing today?  

We’re great! Hanging with Brett’s mom in Cranbrook as we have a day off on our Tempted Tour.

You have a handful of dates that you’ll be playing in these next two months. What can fans expect from you live? 

You will leave without a face because it will be melted off. If you like your face don’t come.

You released your album, Temper Temper last month. How has the reaction been to it?

The only reaction we care about is Brett’s mom’s and she gives it two heart emoji’s and a thumbs up emoji.

How long did it take for you all to write, record, and produce Temper Temper?  

It’s been a three year process. We started writing right after the release of our debut EP Nocturnal (under our former name Isobel Trigger).  We had a few lineup changes so that slowed things down a bit.  We really wanted to make sure we loved what we were putting out and that it was top quality!

What has been your favorite song to play live?

It changes depending on the show and I think we all have different favorites. Felicia’s favorite right now is Fool’s Gold and Ariel and Brett’s is Medicine!

In the past, you only released two singles. How does it feel to release a full length album now? 

It feels good to have a complete collection of songs. Singles are great, but an album feels like the home that songs belong to. We have wanted to create a full length album for a long time and it is a big accomplishment.

You released a music video for your single “Domino” which is also the fourth track off the record. What was your favorite part of filming the video?  

The video was really fun to make – it’s hard to pick a favorite moment. A lot of the activities were really satisfying.  We got to smash a few breakables is a parking lot, squirt milk and dyes into a fish tank with a syringe (and then smash it with a baseball bat) and swim with our clothes on in a beautiful quarry in the sun. All told, fun day.

What can we expect from you next year?  

World domination… and by the world we mean… Canada.  And when we say domination we mean touring. A tour across Canada.

Do you have plans on touring outside of Canada anytime soon?  

We have always dreamed of touring Europe and Japan!  We don’t know what the future holds for touring outside of Canada but our hope is that opportunities will come our way.

Thanks for chatting with us! 🙂

Thank YOU

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