Flint Eastwood w/PVRIS

Flint Eastwood, Lights, and PVRIS @ The Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, MI

Review & Photography by: Rebekah Witt

Around 6 o’clock on Friday, the sidewalk outside of the Royal Oak Music Theatre was home to a long line of fans, eagerly waiting for the Pvris concert, myself included. This tour was one of my favorite lineups of the year. Originally, it was announced without a Michigan date, so I was stoked when they added this show and I bought my tickets almost immediately. Nowadays, its very rare to see a tour with any women in the bands, let alone a woman in EVERY band on the lineup, which made these shows that much more special.

Flint Eastwood opened the show, and I was very excited to see what she had in store for us. Even though she’s a Detroit native herself, I hadn’t had the chance to see her before, and I was thoroughly impressed. She danced and sang her heart out, and her high spirited stage presence was unreal. Next up was my personal favorite, Lights. Every time I see her, I’m left in awe of how incredible she is. If it’s possible, she’s even better live than she is in studio tracks. She played old and new songs, many specifically from her newest record, Skin&Earth.

Just past 10 o’clock, with the crowd screaming in excitement, Pvris stepped on stage to close the show. They opened with ‘Heaven,’ a single off of their most recent album All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell. Throughout the entire show, the lighting and screens behind them added to their black and white style, giving it a spooky ambience. (On a related note, I thought it was very fitting that they played the Ghostbusters theme song after their set ended.) Gunn belted out songs from the newest release and their first album, White Noise, and the crowd happily sang the lyrics back. During their encore song, ‘No Mercy,’ Gunn even jumped on a drum set alongside Justin Nace to finish the show. The tour just ended, but still be sure to check out all the artists’ music and keep an eye out for their future tours!

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