Knuckle Puck

Homesafe, With Confidence, Movements, and Knuckle Puck @ Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR

Review & Photography by: Ian Enger

I have been excited for this show since the tour was announced in the summer. I love all four bands on the bill. A recipe for a great night. Homesafe, With Confidence, Movements, and Knuckle Puck. Oh Yes.

First was Homsafe. Knuckle Pucks’s Ryan Rumchaks (bass) is the singer of Homesafe. They were great to wake p the crowd on this Wednesday night. With Confidence was next. The Aussie pop punks were great. Catchy lyrics and great to jump around to. Their guitarist, Luke Rockets, was a sight to see; flying around stage right. My favorite performance of the night was next. Movements have been a band I’ve been fixated on for a year or two now. Insanely relatable lyrics with great live preforming skills. If you ever have the chance, definitely check them out. Now time for everyone’s favorite Chicago five-piece. Knuckle Puck took the stage and it was incredible. So much raw energy from both the crowd and band. Knuckle Puck has the reputation of being a great live band and I’m thrilled to say they live up to the reputation


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