Nap Eyes & Alvvays @ The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA

Review & Photography by: Robert Alleyne

 “We’re excited to be here,” shouts Molly Rankin of ALVVAYS during their show at San Francisco’s Fillmore on Tuesday, October 24th. Almost on point, a member of the audience replied, “We’re excited to be here!”  and the cheer suggests a lot of people inside agreed.

The Canadian five-piece recently released their sophomore album, Antisocialites, and it is a dreamy haze of warming guitar strums and vocals. The subtle kaleidoscopic projections, which ran throughout the show, served to complement to the new songs to make for a performance which engaged both visually and sonically. Although it was a set heavy on new material, ALVVAYS were able to traverse between old and new in a way which felt natural.

Opening the night were Nap Eyes, whose take on indie-rock was all about the subtle details. Lead vocalist, Nigel Chapman has a rustic voice which had the texture of aged oak. Their short set was heavy on the technical elements and made for a listen which rewarded those who played close attention to the band from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

ALVVAYS at The Fillmore was a night of dreamy, and shimmering music, and sound which the Canadian band is starting make effortlessly their own.

Written by Veracious Magazine

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