Fickle Friends

Off Bloom & Fickle Friends @ Kentish Town Forum in London, England

Review & Photography by: Emily Freya

On Thursday I caught Fickle Friends in Camden, London. Being their biggest headline show to date, the band were clearly ecstatic, which brought a brilliant energy to the show. An energy that was helped massively by the two brilliant support acts, WOWH and OFF BLOOM, who were recommended to the band due to both of their involvement with BBC Introducing.

The band, along with their empowering messages, were extremely vocal about how much they were appreciating the reaction they were receiving, a reaction that they very much deserved. Despite playing a few new songs, the audience appeared to already know the words. I suspect that this time next year these songs will be as well-loved as the songs the band closed with. This show was the last of this particular tour, but I am sure there will be many chances to catch this band soon. Keep up to date with this bands progress here:

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