I Prevail

The Word Alive, We Came As Romans and I Prevail @ Rams Head in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Joey Rushfield

The Rage on the Stage Tour was not one to miss. Though I was unable to make it to the beginning of the show, I spoke to several concertgoers about Escape the Fate and The Word Alive, to find out their reactions.

Escape The Fate was reported to be incredible live. They have been going strong for over ten years now, and they were able to bring all that nostalgia to the stage, plus energetic, modern appeal that made audience members who were unfamiliar with them fall in love by the end of their set. According to some fellow photographers, they were a joy to shoot photos of as well, with vibrant lighting and expressive faces.

 The Word Alive were fantastic. I have seen them before on Warped Tour, and managed to catch the last two of their songs of their set. Vocalist Telle Smith’s singing and screaming abilities never cease to amaze me: aside from the outstanding range of his clean vocals, his screams also are incredibly versatile and he never misses a beat.

 We Came As Romans proved to be something of a surprise to me: I have been consistently trying to get into their music, but haven’t had a lot of success — until the show. The band’s energy captivated my attention, and their vocalists’ shared singing/screaming responsibilities proved to be very complimentative. Their performance of cover songs such as “Glad You Came” satisfied even the most out-of-place parents standing awkwardly in the back, bobbing their heads with a small smile curling up across their lips because they ‘finally know one!’

 Of course, I Prevail was outstanding. I must admit, I had some doubts when I was going into this show about how well I Prevail could take on the role of headliner, especially among seasoned veterans like We Came As Romans — but the band certainly proved their worth. I Prevail’s lighting was exquisite, their use of cryo and confetti was captivating, and their stage presence was wildly entertaining. Though their regular clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser was not able to perform, rhythm guitarist Dylan Bowman filled in excellently and really took on the role of frontman in stride. On stage, the band had a wrestling ring, fitting the WWE-inspired tour concept. By the end of the show, vocalists Eric and Dylan even put on an entertaining show for the fans, “wrestling” each other until one was victorious. Though it might have been a bit cheesy, I Prevail still managed to use their little skit as a great way to end off a great show — with lots of hype, and lots of laughter.


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