Hoodie Allen

Myles Parrish, Luke Christopher, & Hoodie Allen @ Showbox in Seattle, WA

Review & Photography by: Collene McCarter

On Thursday, October 26, Hoodie Allen took the stage at Showbox at the Market in Seattle. This was his 13th stop on his world tour for brand new album, The Hype and let me tell you, his performance lived up to that name. Before Hoodie came out, Myles Parrish and Luke Christopher each had opening performances at the intimate, tightly packed venue. Myles Parrish delivered catchy pop/hip hop songs, the content of which ranged from his, “love of Jesus Christ,” all the way to ladies’ bouncing booties. His set was extremely well-received by the enormous crowd of early adolescent girls and, by the time Luke Christopher came out, they were already buzzing with energy, ready to take in more hip hop. Christopher delivered just that, often stopping to reach out (literally) to fans who were eagerly rapping along to every word of his new single, “Lot to Learn.”

 Not long after, Hoodie Allen came out with strobe lights blazing and eager fans squealing. He opened with the first single from The Hype, Sushi. While the crowd bounced and sang along with the opening acts, they screamed Hoodie’s lyrics at the top of their lungs without missing a beat. The energy of the show was truly insane and Hoodie was a genuinely great performer. He stopped on several occasions to engage with the crowd, taking votes on which song to play next and throwing cakes to his adoring audience. After the majority of the Hype album was played (and a few older tracks as well), Hoodie came back on stage for his encore song, No Interruption. The confetti canon blasted and the crowd went wild and just like that.

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