Emma Ruth Rundle w/Turnover

Emma Ruth Rundle, Elvis Depressedly & Turnover @ Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR

Review & Photography by: Ian Enger

Tonight was going to be one of the first concerts that I’ve attended that isn’t riddled with pits and crowd surfers. With the releasing of the ever so calming Good Nature, Turnover’s set tonight was going to be a nice break from pop punk shows.

First of the night was Emma Ruth Rundle. Her set was preformed with a full band, when she normally plays alone. she most certainly did not disappoint. Next was North Carolina natives, Elvis Depressedly. They reminded me of a more emo Modern Baseball, which was great. Turnover closed the night and let me say it was beautiful. After their 5th song i just put down my camera and enjoyed the music. My first time in a while just being with the music. It was amazing. A great way to sped my Halloween.


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