Cellar Darling, Serenity & Delain @ KoKo in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

Delain as part of their European tour, on 1st of November played a sold out show at the KOKO in London. When ‘Danse Macabre’ tour was announced a special guest was said to join them. A long-time friend and collaborator, Marco Hietala from Nightwish!

An hour before door opening the queue was so long I couldn’t see the end of it which apparently was ending by a bar quite a few buildings away from the venue.

First up that night were Cellar Darling, a fairly new band with a lot of experience from previous successful band called Eluveitie from which some of the members departed in 2016. Cellar Darling music is a mix of folk rock and folk metal which I don’t see a lot of on the stage but is definitely a nice change from time to time. My favourite part of their act was when Anna, the vocalist, started playing hurdy-gurdy and flute. The band was generally well received by the fans.

Serenity is an Austrian band brining progressive metal to the stage, they engaged with the fans straight way. The vocalist was encouraging the fans to sign and clap their hands through out the whole set. The set was well prepared and nicely lit, also a female guest joined them for few songs. The band released their 5th album “Codex Atlanticus” at the beginning of last year and are planning to release a new album with lots of tours to promote it.

Delain is a symphonic metal band from The Netherlands, formed in 2002 by Martijn Westerholt. They became very recognizable since then and have their very own and unique style. Delain’s latest album titled ‘Moonbathers’ was released in August last year.

This was the 3rd time I saw Delain live and with every next show they get better. I like their shows for putting so much effort in preparing them, one of the best parts about the show were projections in the background that really made the set even more special. The band started the set with ‘Hands Of Gold’ to which confetti and smoke were fired. The set list consisted of almost 20 songs and after performing a couple of songs from different albums it was time for the special guest to join Delain on the stage. First song that was performed with Marco was ‘Your body is a battleground’, when Hietala entered the stage the crowd got really excited and started cheering. Charlotte and Marco sung few of the songs together like ‘Nothing left’ and ‘Sing to me’ after which Marco stepped off the stage. Delain continued with their set to which fans were singing, jumping and dancing. The set was wrapped up with two more songs performed with Marco, ‘Scandal’ and ‘The gathering’ to which bubbles with smoke were released making it even more unforgettable experience.

Make sure to follow Delain on all social media as their US tour with Kamelot will kick off in April next year!

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