We spoke with Jane Wiedlin’s new band, Elettrodomestico recently who are a two piece psych-pop band with a sound that is markedly upbeat, with layered guitars, intricate harmonies and sounds similar to Metric, Garbage, The Flaming Lips, and Supergrass.

Read our interview below, watch the band’s latest music video, and follow the band here!

Hiya! How are you doing today?

 I am a little tired! I’m sitting at JFK waiting for a plane home to California. Last night I was honored (as one of the songwriters of the Go-Go’s) at the Dramatists Guild Foundation Gala. We have a new musical, called Head Over Heels, that is going to Broadway in 2018.

How would you describe your music to someone within five words?

Elettrodomestico music is: melodic, harmony-rich, lyrically-interesting

Of all of the music videos you’ve released, which video was your favorite to film?

When we shot the video for Rabbit Stew (directed by Brice Fillici) we got to have what basically amounted to a massive paint fight. It was so fun getting all goopy and messy!

You just came off West Coast tour. Which show was your favorite to play?

Of course, our hometown of San Francisco was fantastic. So many friends came out, and the Independent is such a beautiful and professional venue.

What can people except from your live shows?

We do all the harmonies you hear on our new record: If You’re A Boy Or A Girl. Pietro does tons of fantastic weird noises with his guitar while also playing the chords and notes. (How does he do that?!)

Who are your musical influences?

David Bowie, Devo, Metric, Elastica and lots more!

 What are your plans for next year?

Continue to play live as much as possible. Enjoy life. Take naps!

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