Milan’s sittingthesummerout have announced that their sophomore “Brick and Mortar” which will release via Ghost Factory Records & Art on 1st December. You can also check out the band’s new music video for their single, “To Those Concerned” now on YouTube!

“We built it from scratch; every drop of sweat went into making something we’d be happy with, and we did some work on ourselves in the meantime too,” reveals vocalist Samir Batista. Hailing from Milan, Batista named the act in 2015, following a difficult Summer, which he reveals “cemented the concept that summer, as a season, wasn’t meant for me.” Completed by Dimitri Sironi and Luca Della Foglia on Guitar, Andrea Daniele on Drums and Cristina Lietti on Bass, sittingthesummerout play a well-crafted, atmospheric take on post-hardcore, blended with vocals that flit between spoken word, frustrated screams and evocative singing, and will surely resonate with fans of Hotel Books, and La Dispute.

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