Circa Survive

Balance and Composure, Chon, Thrice, and Circa Survive @ Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX

Review & Photography by: Alex Reynoso

Balance And Composure was the first opening act and absolutely killed their set. I wasn’t familiar with them before, but their modern rock style drew me in immediately and I was so glad to get to see them live. Chon was up after them and despite being an instrumental band, they pumped up the crowd so much I was blown away. They’re nothing short of masters of their instruments and their Southern California rock style may be my favorite thing I’ve ever heard live.

Thrice came next and immediately blew everyone away with heavy hits from their newest album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, such as Hurricane and Black Honey. Their stage presence was as heavy as their music was, with their guitarist hard to keep up with as they ran the stage and flung themselves with their own music.

Circa Survive was the final act and as soon as they came out their lead singer directed the crowd to come forward, making an already excited crowd even more restless. Their lead singer matched their energy with him dancing and head banging their entire set and even reached out the numerous crowd surfers (whom me and other photographers had to dodge constantly). The band even played a crowd favorite, Get Out, amidst playing their newest album The Album that resonated very well with the entire venue.

Every band here had a unique sound and having them all on the same tour was a genius move. This tour is one for the books for every single person who got to go to it. If you get a chance be sure to check out every single one of these bands and go to this tour!


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