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We spoke with singer and songwriter, Madi Rindge last week about moving to New York for college, her new single/EP, and next year’s plans. Check out our interview with her, Madi’s latest song, and you can follow her on social media at her website here.


You began performing music at a young age. How did you know you wanted to become a singer?

I’ve always been drawn to music as a creative outlet, starting at a very young age. I was classically trained on piano and played for many years while also briefly learning how to play the violin and guitar. None were quite fulfilling enough. So, in middle school when I enrolled myself in choir, I instantly fell in love with singing. It was therapeutic, creative, challenging and satisfying. I finally felt like I could express myself in a way I hadn’t been able to before.

You’re from Los Angeles, and moved to New York for school for a couple of years. Which city has influenced you more on your music?

Ooh that’s tough… I think I’d have to say LA. I’ve been influenced tremendously in both cities but each has it’s own way of changing my perspective. And I like the way I feel and who I am in LA more than in NYC.

Which song that you have written means the most to you?

I would say “Stars”, which is a song I’ll be releasing in the new year, is one I hold very close to home. I actually wrote it from my best friend’s perspective. Though most of the writing I do comes from first hand experiences, “Stars” means a lot to me because of how close I am with my best friend. I cannot wait until it’s released!

If you could collaborate with anyone alive right now, who would it be?

Right now I’ve been really inspired by Marc E. Bassy’s new album and think he and I could write really well together. He’s an artist I definitely admire for his melodic and rhythmic creativity!

You released a single, “Just One” that is off your upcoming EP. What is the meaning behind this single, and could you tell us more about your EP?

I wrote “Just One” last fall when I was questioning certain relationships in my life — with family, friends and my then boyfriend. I was trying to figure out which ones made me feel good and which ones didn’t. I got too comfortable in them because it was easy. But these relationships were actually just making everything harder and I was getting a false sense of support.

That’s when I started putting all of my energy into practicing self-love and prioritizing the right relationships; the idea of needing “just one” person — like myself! — to love me for “everything I can and can’t do”.

My EP is going to be released in the spring of 2018 and I’m titling it Just One after the ideas of self-love, strength and growth, which are all common themes throughout the music from my EP.

I read that you have written for Tïesto’s label (Musical Freedom). How was it writing for his label?

It was a blast, of course, because I really enjoy writing! I would write to instrumentals all the time – especially edm, house, and future bass tracks. However, I’ve been focusing on a more alternative R&B pop sound. Since I’m so inspired by Motown, soul, R&B and pop, the music I’ve been creating has been heavily influenced by these genres and therefore I’ve been writing less to edm-like tracks.

Do you have any plans in the near future of a tour or new music releases?

Yes! To prepare for the release of my debut EP I’m releasing a new single on the first of every month until April, which is when I release my EP. Since “Just One” was just released November 1st, my next single “Perfect” will be released December 1st.

In terms of touring, it has always been a dream. Ideally I’d like to open for an artist on tour but am already figuring out how to do a tour of my own in the spring!

Thanks for chatting with us! 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me! I can’t wait to show you guys the new tunes I’ve been working hard on ☺

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