Chrome Pony & Halfnoise @ The End in Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Laurel Williams

Halfnoise played a lively hometown show at Nashville’s The End last Thursday. Front man Zac Farro was back on a break between international tour dates with Paramore, and the whole night felt like a coming home party. 150 people sang, sipped beers, and grooved the week away as Chrome Pony opened the show with crowd-pleasing rock numbers. The room filled with joy and anticipation as Halfnoise took the stage, and the crowd grew louder with each danceable song that followed. Paramore band mate Hayley made an appearance for a few songs, and the set was sprinkled with shoutouts to friends in the audience.

After a long week working, this show shook off my exhaustion and song after song filled me with energy and enthusiasm. Watching the band laugh and dance while they played made me feel like the experience was just as rejuvenating for them as it was for me. I’m a new face in Nashville, and this show demonstrated what I’m starting to see time and time again- the depth of community that runs through every inch of music city. I just might have to go out on Thursday nights more often.



Chrome Pony:


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