At The Drive In & Royal Blood @ Alexandra Palace in London, England

Review & Photography by: Emily Freya

I was lucky enough to catch Brighton band Royal Blood at the third night of their sold out shows at Alexandra palace. The band were supported by the brilliant Black Honey and At the Drive In, both packing out the massive venue hours before Royal Blood had played.

Once Royal Blood came to the stage, it was clear that the show was going to be high energy and jam packed with wicked lights and lasers. Which is ironically, the totally opposite concept of their latest album, How Did We Get So Dark?

The show was incredible. There was a very wide range of ages there, who all seemed to be thoroughly loving the big production show. Having seen Royal Blood a few years ago at Reading Festival, it was lovely to have seen them progress into a very confident and stage present band.

Keep an eye on the what the band are up to in the future, here





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