Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds @ Scala in London, England

Review & Photography by: Dan Landsburgh

One of the best shows I’ve been to this year, Ewan and Callum brothers and front men of Indie Funk band Bad Sounds. One of there final shows of there tour this year, Scala felt more like a party they wanted everyone to be apart of, with the crowd be covered in a down pour of balloons, confetti canons and even a box load of party poppers.

 These guys definitely had big plans for this show. With the supports (Outlya and KyKo) having to play on a half size stage cut off with a black curtain, and when it finally fell as the first song kicked off we were all introduced to massive cartoon heads of Callum and Ewan shooting Lasers from there mouths. From here on out the party didn’t stop treating us all to some new songs which were well received as much as some of the more well known songs, Wages, Enough and Zacharia.

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