Natalie Claro

We spoke with 18 year old Natalie Claro hailing from Tampa, Florida! Veracious asked her about her music, touring over the summer, musical influences, and dream collaborations. You can read our interview below, and make sure to follow her on social media now!

Hi Natalie! How are you doing today?

 Hi! So, I think saying “I’m good” is a cop out answer. I’ll be more artistic. I’m completely drained from the amount of physical and mental work I’ve swarmed myself with! My last show involved a stage so high I had to run up a flight of stairs multiple times WHILE singing just in order to get from the crowd to the stage. I could literally feel the oxygen draining from my bloodstream.

You have always been surrounded around music ever since you were a young child. When did you know you wanted to becoming a singer as a career?

I’ve actually been asked this question in almost every interview so I decided just to turn it into a cute lil picture!

Who are your musical influences?

Different artists influence different aspects of my overall art. My first album pulled a lot of influences from Twenty One Pilots and Zella Day, just because I listened to them a lot when I was 15 and that was when a lot of the songs off the album were written. Now that I’m working on my second album, I think I’ve reached deeper into the music I grew up on, Michael Jackson, Queen, Amy Winehouse, and some more contemporary artists like Cage the Elephant. As for performing, Lady Gaga is (one of) my number 1 icons when it comes to watching their stage commanding.

Where do you get inspirations to write your own music?

I’d say that I’ve always loved the integrity of someone sharing their own stories and point of views through their music. Since I have a lot of things to say and a lot of people I want to influence writing my music myself is fitting!

When you’re creating a song, do you write lyrics or the melody first?

I do it at the same time! I feel a melody can infinitely vary depending on the words sang, despite it being over the same chord progression. The notes sang for “Come a little closer” might sound unfitting on “I hope you come closer” and vice versa.

If I create them separately I just end up with a choppy composition with too many syllables to fit in each line. It all has to spill out at once.

You were on tour just a couple months ago. What was your favorite city to perform at?

Definitely Atlanta when I toured with Public! Not only was the crowd full of the most amazing people, but any show with Public is a great show. Plus this self ran diner on the corner of the street was amazing and I have to have their fried fish again before I die.

Do you have any pre show rituals?

Yes but it’s not pleasant and frankly embarrassing so this interview doesn’t need that.

As you have a very powerful voice at such as young age, how do you take care of your voice?

 I drink SO MUCH WATER! Like, so much…. If you think you drink a lot of water, I drink more. That’s how much. It’s the key to making sure you can sustain throughout an entire show without your voice cracking or losing strength. Not that voice cracking is bad, cause if it happens, whatever it happens. I also gargle salted water ever once and awhile because it kills bacteria (yes I know ew).

Who would be your dream collaboration?

I think something with Manchester Orchestra would be really cool! I’ve also always wanted to be the featured vocals on a rap song so, if you’re reading this and your stuff is good then hit me up.

 What do you have planned for next year?

More music video releases, more touring, and more writing.

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