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We spoke with Sittingthesummerout about their sophomore release, and next year’s plans! Read it below, and you can follow them on social media for future updates.

Your sophomore release, “Brick and Mortar” is going to set free in a couple of weeks via Ghost Factory Records. What can you tell us about it?

“Brick and Mortar” is us finding a new path which we are happy with. It’s 5 songs we love to death, 5 songs we worked on really hard and I believe the final result reflects that. A blend of post-hardcore, some catchy melodic choruses and some heavier ones, with the spoken word element that characterizes sittingthesummerout. We’re all so excited to finally have it out on December 1st.

How would you describe it in just five words?

“Brick and Mortar” is honesty, passion, desperation, hope and rebirth.

What was your favorite song(s) to write or record?

I think “Permanence” was really fun to experiment with, we were always finding new ways to change the structure up and we all love that song too much (it’s probably our overall favorite). We were switching up so much that we barely had it finished when we went into the studio, hah.

Samir mentioned, “We built it from scratch; every drop of sweat went into making something we’d be happy with, and we did some work on ourselves in the meantime too.” How long have you all been working on Brick and Mortar?

The first song for “Brick and Mortar” was written in January, but to give this some context; sittingthesummerout took what was pretty much a year-long break in 2016 due to me being abroad, and when I finally came back home, the band had a new fifth member and we were figuring out a new way to write stronger, better songs. It was frustrating at times, but we ended up with this EP we love in almost no time, since we went into the studio to record the songs in June.

When you’re writing songs, do you write nonstop or do you take a break between every release?

The first couple of years as a band were rough for the reason mentioned before, we weren’t able to progress the way we would have liked because we were apart. We’re trying to avoid that now, since we’re all excited and inspired to write new songs.

What made you decide to release “Nothing Changes In Baltimore” as your first single?

There’s a few different reasons. “Baltimore” was the first song we wrote back in January and also the first one we recorded, a couple of months before the other 4, so it was just driving us crazy not being able to let people listen to it. To add to that, we’re stoked with how catchy the choruses came out and there is a hint of those heavier vocals in the bridge, so we felt it was perfect to showcase what the EP is all about.

Who are your musical influences?

We’ve got a ton, although we all mostly listen to punk rock, pop punk, emo and alt. Everything eventually transpires into the way we see music and how we write, but I’d say bands like Brand New or The Wonder Years are important influences for us.

What can we expect from you next year?

More shows, there’s plans to tour around Europe and the UK, and definitely new songs as soon as possible. Got to keep the train moving.

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