Pacific Radio: Interview

We spoke with Pacific Radio about their new music video for their single, Camaro, and their new album! You can check out our post here.

Joe Robinson:  Guitar and Lead Vocal

Joe Stiteler:  Bass

Kyle Biane:  Guitar

Hyke Shirinian:  Drums

Hey! How are you all doing today?


JS:  Never better!

KB:  Good, thanks.

HS:  Just peachy

You’re going to be releasing your new album, Pretty, but Killing Me next week. What can you tell us about it?

JR: It’s a collection of dreams and regrets.

KB: It has been a long time coming. I am excited for people to get to hear it. We had a blast making the record and I think that translates. For this record we really used the studio space. Nothing was off limits, we spent months dialing in tones and trying to make each part have a real identity.

HS:  The record was an amazing process. Making records are so different than what I used to think it would be.

Eric Weaver who is a Grammy nominated engineer and producer worked on this album. What was it like working with him?

JR:  Incredible, he’s basically our 5th member

JS:  Eric evolves and adapts to every situation.  In addition to producing our album he’s played a significant role in our music videos, photo shoots, touring, and whatever else the situation calls for; he’s The Wolf.

KB:  Eric is great, on top of being creative he is super detail oriented. He kept us on track while making sure we did not leave any stone unturned. If something wasn’t good enough, we worked on it until it was.

HS:  I don’t see Eric as anything different than Eric. An incredibly skilled engineer (one of the best) and working with him is a blast and always a learning experience for him…

How would you describe the album in less than five words?

JR: Still wearin’ last nights makeup

JS:  Best Pacific Radio Album (Ever).

KB:  A perfect gift for Christmas

HS:  Pacific Radio’s debut album.

You’ve toured a lot since your debut EP which released earlier this year. When did you have time writing and working on this album?

KB:  We worked on it while we were home in between a variety of other scheduling issues. It is just part of being in a working project. There never seems to be enough time, but somehow we get things done.

HS:  Einstein had 24 hours also .. just saying

Which song took the shortest to write, and how long did it take?

JR: I wrote the words to ‘Weekend’ on a road trip from MN to Los Angeles with my dog Iggy Pup. I was in South Dakota and I pulled over outside a little casino on a reservation and wrote what had been in my head the last 300 miles, which happened to be about a girl I hated. That was an easy one.

KB: I can only speak for my guitar parts, but I think that “Whiskey Girl” was one of my faster ones. The tones all came together rather quickly and the vibe was easy to sink into.

How was it like performing at the legendary Bottlerock Festival in Napa, CA? Did you meet or see any other musicians?

JR:  Playing a festival with that line up was definitely inspiring. The caliber of people involved and the fact we are just like those other bands when you sit across from them backstage. Everyone is pushing to give people the best experience possible. Keep on pushing.

KB:  The festival was a blast, both as an artist and a concert goer, there are few better festivals (if any). As far as other musicians, I got to see the Foo Fighters get out of a van and I walked to the dinner tent with The Roots.

HS:  Crazy experience while sharing the stage with legends. So rad.

JS:  BottleRock was amazing.  I’ll forever cherish the poster with our name next to Warren G and others.

What can we expect from you next year?

JR:  Tour this album and write another is the dream right?

JS:  More rock, more roll, more shows.  And a continual growing catalog of songs and videos.

KB:  Touring and maybe some hints of what will be on record 2

HS:  Yeah, what Kyle said.

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