Jake Bugg

Jake Bugg @ Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA

Review & Photography by: Avery Kelly

Jake Bugg played in Boston with local singer songwriter MB Padfield. She started off the show nice and slow, matching Jake’s upcoming acoustic set by taking the stage with just a guitar and loop pedal. Her set was nice and intimate, thanks in part to the smaller venue, and she was talkative and telling stories in between songs. Padfield’s songs had a stark truthfulness to them that was enhanced by her raw, powerful voice and simple performance.

Jake Bugg’s set was similar, just a big more produced. He was center stage with his guitar and mic stand and had stage lights behind him, creating almost a halo around his figure. His set was entirely acoustic, stretching an entire 21 songs, but the crowd never tired of hearing him sing. Bugg had a varied selection of tracks from his older album along with his new record, Hearts that Strain. He opened the set with the title track from the same album before going into the first track on the album, “How Soon the Dawn.” From there, it was a collection of a few more songs from his new album and all of his old hits from his self-titled album and Shangri La.



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