Sometime Sonny

Combining raw, honest lyricism with stunning alt-rock arrangements and
soundscapes, Brisbane multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny has returned to tug
firmly at your heartstrings with his new melancholic anthem “Like Everybody Else”.

The fresh single is a fizzing dreamscape driven along by a generous coating of overdriven guitars, cascading melodies, and loveable backing vocals. The artful instrumental collision of shoegaze and stoner-pop floats perfectly beneath Sometime Sonny’s catchy slacker vocal tone, akin to Angus Stone and Kevin Parker.

Lyrically, “Like Everybody Else” was written about realizing, unfortunately, you’re not always that special – especially as you journey further into adulthood.

“A year ago I was on my way to the airport on a train at peak hour – wearing my well-
treasured Hawaiian shirt, surfboard in hand, bound for the reef breaks of Fiji, and I couldn’t have stood out more. All the other passengers were dressed in formal work attire, with their eyes glazed and weary from lack of sleep, staring down expressionless at their phones. So, I naturally pondered the thought of surfing or playing shows every day rather than ever joining the unresponsive passengers. Fast forward a year and I was on the way to work – ironically catching the train – as a full-time high school music teacher, when I did a giant yawn. I thought ‘god, I’m tired’, and something clicked and I was instantly taken back to the train before my Fijian trip. I looked around at my fellow passengers in horror – I might as well have been staring at myself in the mirror… what have I done? I’m like everybody else!” says Sometime Sonny.

Listen to “Like Everybody Else” on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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