The Neighbourhood

Field Medic, Health & The Neighbourhood @ White Oak Music Hall in Houston, TX

Review & Photography by: Brenna Mata

Indie-rock band The Neighbourhood (aka The NBHD) went on a mini winter tour for the release of their new “Hard EP.” They came to Houston on a cold Friday evening and sold out a fairly new music venue called White Oak Music Hall. I arrived shortly after doors opened and the line was still very much long and had been for hours beforehand, too. Walking into the venue was wild, the place was packed from the front to back as fans were ready to rock out.

There were two very interesting opening acts. The first act being a guy named Field Medic who sang sad and sappy songs about love but with an edgier side to his lyrics. The second act was a band named Health and their music had loud bass effects and a psychedelic feel in their sound that really amped up the audience. Then 10:30P.M. hit the clock, and out came the band members. In the background was one of their songs called “Ferrari” that sounds like a distorted car driving. Following them was lead vocalist Jesse Rutherford and he was more excited than ever. Before performing their first song he exclaimed in his microphone “How’s my favorite city doing?!” and this really got the crowd up and going. Through out the night they played fan favorites like “Daddy Issues” and “Prey” from their album Wiped Out! And just this past week they had released a new single called “Scary Love” which many people around me had already knew the lyrics! Their fanbase is totally dedicated to them and their music which can be proven if you attend a Neighbourhood show almost anywhere. The blinding stage lights made for great stage presence and representation of their sad and emotional songs. This concert was overall an exciting and surprising one which is usual for this band. They have and always will be one of my favorites.

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