Hey Gigantic: New Video for “Passenger”

London born alternative quintet Hey Gigantic just revealed their new video for their new single ‘Passenger’. The band is formed of Jonathan Bateman (lead vocals/bass), Matt Nicholson (vocals/guitar), Jonny Haylock (guitar), and Jon Moon (vocals/drums).

“This song is about feeling that your life is going through the motions, and the realisation that you need to take control of it or to just continue being a ‘passenger’ and watch life pass you by.” explains frontman, Jonathan Bateman.

This new material is the first time the band have felt like they’ve captured the analogue, aesthetic and energy of their live show, as well as the more considered approach to their song writing. ‘Passenger’ is upbeat, urgent and full of energy. It’s a song for driving too; it’s meant to be played loud and on the road with the windows down.


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