The Regrettes

The Regrettes, and SWMRS @ Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA

Review & Photography by: Avery Kelly

The Regrettes, based in LA, is a female-faced punk band that released their debut album Feel Your Feelings Fool! In January of this year. The members met in music school and ended up forming after front-women Lydia Night’s previous duo split up. Their Ep Hey! led to them signing with Warner Records and releasing three singles over the last half of 2016. Their music deals with the hardships and cliches of being a teenager in the modern era, mostly focusing on issues involving being a young woman in punk and going against modern stereotypes. They opened up the show with high energy, with Night pushing herself into the crowd to get everyone dancing and ready for the next two bands.

SWMRS followed The Regrettes. Opening with one of their two new singles “Palm Trees” got the audience immediately riled up. Most of the younger members of the crowd started a pit by the end of the first verse, with at least one person constantly crowd surfing. They went through their entire discography in their set, with all of their debut album Drive North and their recent two releases “Palm Trees” and “Lose It.” Thrown in the middle was a cover of White Reaper’s “Judy French,” a band and song also very popular with SWMRS fans. Lead singer Cole Becker put on a great performance through the show, wearing a blue jumpsuit with heavy black eyeliner and stopping the show briefly to give a small speech on equality and awareness in the music community for women, POC, disabled individuals, trans individuals, and any others who may feel unsafe at shows. The band had released a short zine on harassment and abuse at shows for this leg of the Drive North tour, which reflected everything Cole announced during the show.

Following SWMRS was ska band The Interrupters. They had pulled a very different crowd into the venue; mostly slightly older men more interested in ska than in the niche punk genre that SWMRS and The Regrettes fill. The Interrupters are a much more established band than the first two, with two albums out and six years as a band under their belt. The band was formed by three brothers, Kevin, Justin, and Jesse Bivona, and Aimee Interrupter on lead vocals. They finished out the show with song after song of dancing and energy.


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