Head North

Free Throw, Trophy Eyes, Grayscale and Head North @ House of Independence in Asbury Park, NJ

Review & Photography by: Alexandra Schnell

The last day of Trophy Eyes North American tour was held at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, NJ. You could tell from the moment the first band, Head North, walked on stage it was going to be a sentimental night. Every band that graced the stage had many thanks to give and sounded disappointed that their tour was almost over. Throughout the entire night every band and crew member could be seen side stage cheering on the performing band and dancing along for one last night. Head North kicked off the show, they might have not been on the crowds radar before the show but they definitely won the crowd over by the end of their set. Their lead singer made his guitar solos look effortless and you could tell everyone on that stage are the best of friends.

Grayscale, a guaranteed crowd favorite, had fans expressing excitement and wearing merch before even entering the venue proving their loyalty. Their first song off their debut album Adornment, “Let it Rain” was definitely a crowd favorite and produced additional energy from the crowd. Grayscales stage performance has continued to grow and was intimate, engaging, and their best yet. If they weren’t on your radar before they should be now!

Free Throw was on next and their lyrics seemed to be something everyone in the crowd could relate to and the crowd sang along. Their song “Hope Spot” off their newest album Bear Your Mind was definitely a crowd favorite. Their set started with a slow song, but regardless they still effortlessly warmed up the crowd for the headliner Trophy Eyes.

By the time Trophy Eyes came on stage the crowd was by far ready for them. They interacted with the crowd a lot and you could tell they have formed a special relationship with their fans; the band had come a long way from Australia to perform for them. Before the end of their set the entire crew and accompanying bands on the tour joined them on stage for one last song, one of them even putting the lead singer of Trophy Eyes on his shoulders. Everyone in the crowd could feel the love and no one wanted the night to end. I would highly recommend seeing every single one of these bands if they come play a show near you, I can guarantee you they will not disappoint.

Head North: http://www.headnorthband.com

Grayscale: http://grayscalepa.com

Free Throw: http://www.freethrowband.com

Trophy Eyes: http://www.trophyeyesmusic.com

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