Bully, Pujol, and Sad Baxtor @ Mercy Lounge in Nashville, TN

Review & Photography by: Laurel Williams

Bully just finished a three night residency in their hometown of Nashville, Tennessee at Mercy Lounge. They’re celebrating the release of their second album Losing- a great listen for grunge rock lovers everywhere. The crowd was full of people from a wide span of ages, from college students dressed up for the weekend, to adults in their 40s grabbing a beer after a long workweek. All three nights featured a roster of local opening acts, and the show I attended featured Pujol, and Sad Baxter. The crowd steadily filled out as the opening acts continued, and the crowded room was full of energy and anticipation as Bully took the stage.

The room was still for a moment as the band put on their instruments, then the crowd collectively began to move as the first notes of Brainfreeze rang out. Chins bobbed, heels bounced, and heads banged all night. Lead singer Alicia Bognanno’s iconic vocals hooked me on their first record, and were just as impressive in person. She’s fearless in her delivery, and doesn’t back down from a single note.  This aggressive approach paired with the clear candor of Bully’s lyrics made the show both energizing and piercing, and all around a sight to behold.





Sad Baxter:



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