Santa Cruz: Interview

We spoke with Middy (bassist) of Santa Cruz this week about their tour, releasing a debut album (Bad Blood Rising), and their future tour with Fozzy. Make sure to read the interview below, and you can check them out here. You can also view the band’s latest single for their music video of Young Blood Rising below.

Hey! How are you doing today?

All good I’m at the moment in a backstage in Hamburg starting our German leg of the Bad Blood Rising 2017 Tour.

How did you all get the band name? Does it have to do anything with Santa Cruz, California? 

The story doesn’t tell wich exact Santa Cruz it was but Archie was playing around with a globe and his eyes fixed on the name Santa Cruz and it just stuck.

You all released a new album, Bad Blood Rising recently via M-Theory Audio. How has the reaction been to it so far?

So far the feedback has been great and the fans are really into it even though many of them have been surprised by the variety of songs since there is stuff from acoustic ballads to should I say trash metal infuenced tunes. But yeah the overall response has been great.

You’ve been playing some of these new songs on your European tour. Which song(s) have been a crowd favorite?

It changes a bit but I think songs like River Phoenix, Young Blood Rising and especially song called Breathe. Breathe is one of these songs that people come to request before the shows cause we’re known to not play that many ballads when it comes to live shows.

Individually, what’s your favorite song off of Bad Blood Rising at the moment?

At the moment I’m really into the heavy groove of Bad Habits Die Hard it has new kinda rythym to it and some how it sounds really fresh. It almost has this rap vibe in it and I see it as a cool mixture between the two genres.

You’ll be touring with Fozzy in the United States next year. How excited are you all for the shows?

We’ve been waiting a long to time to return to US after the tour with Sebastian Bach and it was great that we got this opportunity to return to States with Fozzy.

Are there any new cities on the list that you’ve never been to yet? 

I just had a quick look at the dates and and some of them are totally new to us and some of the cities we’ve been at least once. And the good thing to us Finns is that we can escape the cold winter/spring time since most of the shows are in the southern states.

Do you have any plans after your tour with Fozzy?

Yes, after the US tour we’re planning to go back to Japan and after that we’re doing the summer festivals so we try to keep ourselves busy.


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