The Xcerts: Interview

We spoke with Brighton, UK’s trio, The Xcerts on their forthcoming album, Hold On To Your Heart which release on January 19, 2018.

Hold On To Your Heart is about finding a pinhole of light in the dark and turning it into the sun,” says Murray Macleod, frontman of The XCERTS of the new album. “We really did shoot for the stars with this one.” It’s with the same wild-eyed enthusiasm and passion with which he pens sing-along modern pop anthems infused with a thick layer of 80’s heartland rock. His proclamation of how music can turn the smallest pinprick of light into a dazzling solar spectacle is the motivating thread that weaves throughout the album. Hold On To Your Heart is a bold, pure love letter to a bygone era inked by a sentimental hopeless romantic.

“We were going for a timeless, stripped back sound,” says Murray. “The mantra in the studio was we wanted it to feel classic but have a modern twist, which is not an easy feat to pull off. We wanted people to listen to the record and just think anything’s possible; we were trying to capture the ending of (seminal 1985 John Hughes movie) The Breakfast Club. It’s about that feeling of wanting to be outside and experiencing life; don’t sit in your house looking at the girl on Facebook, go get the girl!”

To purchase tickets to their UK tour or to preorder their upcoming album, click here.

Hey guys! How are you doing today?

Doing great thank you! Usually January is a bit of a drag but seeing as we have a record coming out, we’re all feeling really psyched.

You came off tour with Nothing But Thieves recently. How were the shows?

The shows were incredible! Those dudes are killing it at the moment, every show was sold out and the crowds were really receptive and responsive so we couldn’t have asked for more.

What was your favorite city to perform in on that run with them?

Frankfurt was really incredible but i’m gonna have to go with Amsterdam. 6000 capacity sold out show! Our arena rock dreams came true and it was holy!!

You released a new single, “Hold on to Your Heart” just a few weeks ago. Can you tell us the meaning behind the song?

I tried to write a song that almost felt like a montage of the past 6 years of my life. The line ‘Hold on to Your Heart’ is about knowing you are worth more than the pain and negativity life can sometimes throw your way. Don’t take the pieces of a broken heart and smash them into even smaller pieces, learn to love yourself and live. It’s something that came to me when i said goodbye to someone i cafe for greatly.

How would you describe this upcoming album in five words or less?

Emotional. Positive. Life affirming. Invigorating.

How does this album differentiate than your previous work?

Lyrically, this record is very raw. You don’t have to dig to deep to understand what i’m singing about and i did that on purpose. I had a big story to tell and i wanted to do so very simply so it could connect with people universally. The record is without doubt our most melodic and we really strived to simplify all aspects of the songs in order to create more layers with the additional production. I also feel like we took a huge step up in terms of our songwriting. The songs are very lean as we wanted to be direct as possible.

Looking at a preview of your title tracks off this new album, I noticed that it has a lot to do with romance and heartbreak. Is this what you’re trying to come off with?

A lot of the record deals with heartbreak. I was with someone for 5 years and it fell apart during the making of our last record so i had a lot to write about in terms of the relationship, but rather than focus on the ins and outs of what went on between  the 2 of us, i focused on the year that followed the split due to those months leading me to live a much more positive life. I romanticise pretty much every aspect of my life so anything we do will have a certain romanticism about it.

What are your plans for next year?

We are going to be on tour for the majority of the year. We kick things off with an in-store run, then on to Europe with our buds in Nothing But Thieves and then when we get back, our UK / Ireland headline tour begins. We are also going to release some more music! 2018 is going to be rad that’s for sure.

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