Interview: Semblance

We spoke with the new alternative electro-rock duo, Semblance, about their name, recent single, and their plans for 2018.

Maeve Gorman and Connor LeFevre may only be 17 years old, but between them they already share over 20 years of musical experience. As both of them are young and determined, they faced the common struggle of self-discovery. Their music is an expression of that inward journey toward self-love and self-acceptance… despite social conditions. Very personally involved in LGBTQ activism, they are fierce yet humble champions of defending one’s truth. Through honest and vulnerable music, the hope is that listeners can hear and feel the courage to be themselves… but most of all, know that they are accepted and loved.

Growing up in a household with two gay fathers, Connor has seen bullying both first- and second-hand. The youthful ignorance and intolerance directed towards him from a young age led to a very isolated experience. 100 miles away, Maeve felt ostracized as she embraced her sexuality. Her family accepted her for who she was, but her peers weren’t always as open-minded. Fortunately, the two found solace in writing thanks to their families’ support and encouragement. Most importantly, they found each other and can share their ambitions and struggles to deepen their self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Hi! How are you all doing today?

Fantastic, thanks!

Could you introduce yourself and your role in the band?

Maeve: I’m Maeve, I sing and play guitar/keys.

Connor: What’s up guys! I’m Connor, and I play drums/electronics.

How did you both come up with the band name?

Maeve: It’s not that interesting of a story really. We both really like one word band names so we were trying to come up with possibilities that were one word. We wanted the name itself to mean something so we were trying to come up with words that sounded cool and had a cool meaning and I was like “How about Semblance?” and Connor said “That’s the one!”

Both of you have a unique backstory as you guys met online before you introduced yourself in person. How did you first connect with each other?

 Maeve: I placed an add online looking for band members because I couldn’t find anyone organically that was interested in playing the styles I wanted to. Connor was the first person to respond, and we hit it off right away.

Connor: Maeve and I then just messaged each other for like a week or two and started just sending music to each other until we figured out a direction we wanted to go.

After you first met, did you automatically know you wanted to be in a band together?

 Maeve: I think by the time we had our first practice we were already hard set on being a band. We had already started sharing Logic sessions over email and had picked Semblance as our name.

Connor: I knew I wanted to be in a band together with Maeve before we even met. Our first meeting wasn’t like us hanging out or anything, we went straight to work.

So far, Semblance is a duo. Do you plan on taking in more members in the future?

 Maeve: We’re definitely a duo. That was something else we decided very early on, our dynamic works well as it is and often times the more people there are involved the more opinions there are that could clash. We’d love to have touring members and have other people join us on stage, but as far as writing/creative members go we’re probably going to stick with each other.

Connor: In addition to what Maeve said, with just two people we have this super focused idea of what we want to sound like and we want Semblance to be the product of our minds working together.

What is Semblance’s plan for this year? More music or any tours?

 Maeve: We’ve got some stuff up our sleeves for sure. We’re definitely going to start playing shows as much as possible but there’s some other stuff we’re working on to.

Connor: To continue working on more music and to begin playing as many shows as possible.

You released your first single, “Angel” not too long ago. Could you tell us more about the meaning behind the track?

 Maeve: “Angel” is a dialogue between me and someone who helped distract me from everything going on. It’s essentially my praise for everything they’ve done.


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