Milky Chance: Calgary, AB, Canada

Lewis Capaldi & Milky Chance @ MacEwan Hall in Calgary, AB, Canada

Review & Photography by: Cassidy O’Hara

For many of years I’ve been waiting for Milky Chance to come and visit Calgary, my hometown. I recently was lucky enough to not only attend, but to photograph this extraordinary band. The concert was held at MacEwan Hall, and I have never seen it that packed. It was really great to see the diversity in age groups. Many parents brought their younger children and I even saw Grandparents with their children, which was really cool. Starting off the night was Lewis Capaldi, and his performance showed true passion. His voice was so raw and held such a passion. I went home that night and downloaded all of his music.

The second Milky Chance came on stage the crowd absolutely lost it. They have incredibly supportive fans, many of them had signs and lights to get their attention. The singers really interacted with the crowd, and gave them exactly what they wanted, a great show. The people that took care of the lighting really help set the mood for the show and really helped represent the vibe of the music. I would recommend checking out their instagram for a bunch of great photos and good music. ( instagram: milkychance_offical )

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