Patient Sixty-Seven: Interview

We spoke with Patient Sixty-Seven who originate from Perth, Australia. Check out our interview with them down below, and you can view their Facebook page here.

Hey all! How are you doing today?

Tom: Good, thankyou! We appreciate you taking the time to have a chat with us.

You’re new EP, “Four Walls” will be released on March 2nd . What can you tell us

about it so far?

Declan: Well this EP is our first release where we feel have truly found our sound and our experimentation of genre’s have been met in the middle. We are especially proud of this record as it was the result of a lot of hardship and difficult times and we think the end product actively reflects what we are about. I feel it is our best music yet as we have not only grown as musicians ourselves but we have had some creative influences come from all around us which has really steered us in the direction we want to go.

Tom: I’m just really excited to have it drop, it’s been a process in lining it all up and releasing it. It’s a relief, and as Declan said it is definitely the first time as a band where we have started really pushing ourselves. It’s also like he said about getting a bit of experience behind us and learning from our time as musicians.

 How has this upcoming EP differed from your previous work?

Declan: This is a more mature sound, we lost a few members during the actual recording of the project so it was interesting to see other’s step up and to have new people in the mix with their creative influence.

Tom: It’s just bigger, we wanted to just find ways to step up our sound in every aspect. No compromising or shortcuts. The older material, our first release, it was what we were capable of at the time as for all of the band it was the first stuff we’ve ever put out there – and our first time stepping out of a rehearsal room and playing music, so we just learnt so much. We’ve got more behind us and we wanted to take the lessons we learnt in our first year or two and grow from that.

Can we expect a full length album sometime in the future?

Tom: I’d love to think that there is, yeah. We are always writing and demo’ing, in saying that as people know recording and releasing an album as an independent band is a big project. If we get the wind behind us following this release it is definitely on the cards. We love playing and writing music, so why not.

In honor of the upcoming release, you’ll be doing a launch show on March 16th at Amplifier Capitol in Perth, Australia. What can fans expect from this show aside from new music?

Declan: Well we’ve been lucky enough to get some of perth’s best talents, along with some of my favourite bands to support us on this one. The bands on are diverse so it should have a bit of something for everyone. Also we will be bringing a lot of presence and energy to our show so i hope people are ready to throw down.

Tom: There will be a lot going on, a ton of energy – we’re not messing around on this one. We’re playing with some incredible Perth bands who all bring so much to the table in the way of heavier music. I’m so excited!

What was your favorite part of filming “Before You Go?”

Declan: For me it was just knowing that had finally gotten there, the EP was fully recorded and we had our mixes back. i was just so happy that it finally came together after all the tough times. I also liked doing spins and jumping for 6 hours of the day, skipped the gym that night haha..

Tom: Fading away due to the heat and lighting. Joseph is an absolute pro – we would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality visual product, not that we even need to endorse him as in Perth he is acclaimed for the work he does in the music scene, and our video I feel is no exception. He did a great job.

What do you have planned for rest of the year?

Declan: I’d like to think that we will keep pushing the EP to reach as many people as we can, I feel it has a little bit for everybody. We will definitely have a strong focus on playing live shows, we are hitting the ground running this year and we are gonna run in whichever direction we’re taken.

Tom: We’ll be keeping busy pushing our new music and putting ourselves out there playing as many shows as we can. It’s going to be a fun 2018.

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