SZA: Baltimore, Maryland

SZA @ Rams Head Live in Baltimore, MD

Review & Photography by: Marie Newby

On a Saturday night, the Rams Head Live venue was filled with people eagerly waiting for SZA to take the stage, screaming every time the venue’s music would take a pause or the instruments being tuned. A little after 9:30pm, the singer walked out on stage with a cup in hand and music began to play as she started to sing the first song, “Supermodel”, from her 2017 album “Ctrl”. SZA walked around the stage as she sung, and the atmosphere that she brought with her out on stage was very laid-back and chill. The show felt very intimate, and as she sang she was opening up to us through her music. She sang about the moments in her life, and the emotions she had felt during these times. The stage’s setup was very simple, withing nothing too flashy and extra. All the focus was on SZA, and her soothing voice that filled the venue combined with her dancing.

Every so often between each song, she spoke about three story behind the song. Before she performed her single, “Drew Barrymore”, she talked about how you shouldn’t do anything that you don’t want to do or that you feel uncomfortable with. Moments like these create intimate connections between the person on stage and the crowd. The crowd feels connect to the singer when they realize they’ve been through the same thing or felt the same way about something that they have.

SZA is a phenomenal singer, who puts on a fantastic show. She is definitely worth seeing live! Check out her music here.

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