Albert Man: London, UK

Hattie Briggs, Saarloos, Albert Man @ 1901 Arts Club in London, UK

Review & Photography by: Marisela Morales

Last Wednesday on the 7th of February at a very unique 1901 Arts Club took a place an intimate event – Albert Man’s single launch, “Say Something Loving”.

1901 Arts Club is very interesting venue worth mentioning, styled as an elegant Victorian house with relaxed and warm atmosphere. In my opinion there wasn’t a better place for a single launch than this one.

Opening that night was a solo musician Hattie Briggs from Gloucestershire. Hattie left Oxford University to focus full time on her music career in January 2014. Performance prepared by Hattie was beautiful although gave me an impression of sadness as the new single by Hattie titled ‘Early girl’ was written for a friend whose child was premature born. Other songs that caught my attention were a cover of ‘Autumn leaves’ and ‘Up to you’. The mood set by the first artist was quite serious but the next band quickly changed it by telling some funny stories.

Saarloos are an Irish duo, however that night guest artists played alongside. A bass played was introduced after few songs with a joke explaining his appearances as a lost bet with him. The band from Dublin straight away made fantastic connection with the audience by making everyone laugh and sign along to some songs. For the last song one more special guest appeared. Gavin James, who played on the piano next to Brian McGovern.

After a long wait it was time for Albert Man, a singer and songwriter from Manchester. Albert that night didn’t want to keep the audience waiting any longer so he started playing when he sat down by the piano. Some of the songs on the setlist included: ‘Diamond In The Rough’, ‘Groundhog Day’ and a new song titled ‘Blink’ which we were told was has been written only the previous week. More or less during middle of the performance it was finally time for the new single ‘Say something loving’. Man played a couple more songs and then it was time to end the night exactly at 11pm. Albert thanked everyone that played that night and everyone involved in preparing this event.

All performances were cordially applauded by the public who looked very satisfied after the relaxing, artistic evening.

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