The Maine: Brisbane, Australia 2018

Between You And Me, Waterparks, and The Maine @ The Triffid in Brisbane, AU

Photography by: Dana Hope

Review by: Mackenzie Greene

Between You and Me opened this incredibly engaging show on Sunday night. The boys from Melbourne did a great job getting the crowd excited for Waterparks and The Maine. Front man Jake and bassist James shared a few romantic minutes expressing their love for each other with a few kisses.

Waterparks came on stage with such energy and really got people in the dancing mood. It felt quite intimate the way all the bands spoke with the crowd and made everyone participate. Austen knight closed their set with just him and his guitar playing “Lucky People” before Geoff Wigington and Otto Wood came back out on stage to finish “21 Questions”.

The Maine were absolutely insane, playing old and new songs, there was something for everyone. About ¾ of the way through the show, front man John O’Callaghan spotted a young man named Jacob in the crowd singing all of the words to “Girls do What They Want” and bought him on stage to finish the song. Aside from Jacob messing up a few of the lyrics at the start he did a pretty good job once he relaxed a little.

To close the show out The Maine played “Another Night on Mars” which I feel made everyone happy to be at the show with the friends they were with.

Unfortunately, the American band did not do an encore which was a little strange as they also finished 10 minutes early. Non the less the performance from all the bands had such energy and passion, it was incredible to see and if you didn’t attend on the 4th of Feb you truly missed out on a wonderful show.


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