Inara George: Interview

Inara George is best known for being half of the beloved pop duo The Bird and the Bee (with Grammy-winning producer and instrumentalist Greg Kurstin) and we had the chance to speak with her this week about her new record, and her upcoming tour dates!

Inara George’s Upcoming Shows

February 16 – Seattle, WA @ Columbia City Theater

February 18 – Portland, OR @ Mission Theater

February 20 – San Francisco, CA @ Café Du Nord (Noise Pop Festival) 

Hi Inara! How are you doing today?

I’m well, thank you! Getting over a cold. But almost back in shape.

You will be playing a few shows on the West Coast in a few days. How excited are you for these concerts?

Very excited. We did some shows on the east coast and we had a great time. I’m excited to reunite the band!

What can fans expect from your live shows?

There are just four of us. All girls. Lots of vocals.

Could you release to us which new song(s) you’ll be performing?

Some songs from the new record, some old and maybe a cover? Working on it.

You released a new video for your song, “Slow Dance” just last week. What was your favorite part of filming the video?

Part of the concept of the video is that I’m giving out free dance lessons. Since I was in a public place and I had a sign, I got to dance with some strangers. It was really nice to connect with people I wouldn’t normally connect with.

Your latest record, “Dearest Everybody” released on January 19, 2018. How has the reaction been to it so far?

Very kind.

What’s your favorite song/lyrics off this record?

It always feels a little strange quoting my own lyrics, but maybe, “Last night I slow danced with younger men. Do you remember who I was? I was that fool again”

How has Dearest Everybody differed from your two previous records?

I’d say this one is a little more personal than the previous records.

What can fans expect from you after these three shows?

Probably play some more shows around the country, maybe other parts of the world. And then Greg (my band mate in The Bird and the Bee) and I are finishing up a new “Interpreting the Masters.”

(Photo Credit: Alexa Nikol Curran)

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